april 21, 2010 6

Green pants

Fayette by me / Fayette & I by Loraine (laughing about Loraine’s qualities of holding a camera… Since the last shot was heavily edited before posting…).
Fayette: vintage pants, shirt, scarf and tote / moccasins from Loraine — me: Zara jacket / vintage shorts / Stella McCartney bag / H&M scarf and boots.

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6 COMMENTS to “Green pants”

  1. Sanne schreef:

    Mooie kleur voor een broek! Je ziet er zelf ook weer mooi uit :)

  2. Maria schreef:

    Very nice blog! I Love your style :) I live in my moccasins haha

    Maria from “Charmed She’s Sure*”


  3. Felicity schreef:

    I have those same moccasins! You young ladies looks so gorgeous and happy!!

  4. japke schreef:

    fayette’s broek en haar zijn echt heel tof! mooie kleur ook (van de broek dan hé)!

  5. Vanessa schreef:

    Beautiiffullll photos. I LOVE THE GREEN TROUSERS SOOOOO MUCH! they look phenomenal <3

  6. knockoff schreef:

    the hair style is so cool

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