april 16, 2010 8


Thank you WeLoveColors for the white tights! They’re amazingly soft! Found the shoes last week at the Waterlooplein for €5.

H&M dress and scarf / WeLoveColors tights / second-hand shoes / Zara leather jacket / vintage, gifted and Antik Batik jewelry.

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8 COMMENTS to “Blanc”

  1. Marine schreef:

    what a lovely outfit =) I love all your accesories! Your scarf is so cute (and seems really soft too) and your pendants and bracelets are simply gorgeous : they give a vintage touch to your look.
    Your leather jacket seems realy thin and soft!
    Great shots =D

    Marine / another fucking fashionista

  2. javieraisidora schreef:

    love the withe tights, but actually now im wearing black hahahaah


  3. Tee Sea schreef:

    I actually really like the white tights with this outfit. I want to wear white tights with a few of my dresses and skirts, but don’t want to look like I’m a kid and am unsure if they will be unflattering on me. Any tips for how to wear white tights?

    stop by my blogs!

  4. L for Linda schreef:

    love the shoes!

  5. sophiemei schreef:

    lovely look!! beautiful dress!

  6. nuage magik schreef:

    love your style !

  7. ECH schreef:

    I want to possesed ur jewels and shoes !!
    La Bise
    ‘ECH from pAris

  8. carol schreef:

    John Lennon!

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