april 11, 2010 10


American Apparel jeans / Topshop blouse / H&M blazer / Stella McCartney bag / eBay boots.

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10 COMMENTS to “Buckles”

  1. dreamylacey schreef:

    the boots are great original and it seems that you can actually walk with them!!!


  2. katinka schreef:

    I really like your blog! Love the shoes your wearing! They’re amazing;)

  3. Tee Sea schreef:

    Simple yet chic with a touch of feminine!! Love it!!

    stop by my blogs!

  4. the-itfeeling schreef:

    I think you live in the same apartmentbuilding as a friend of mine (near Victoriaplein?)

  5. veronica schreef:

    I love your top and boyfriend blazer!
    The whole outfit is great.
    Xo Veronica

  6. Next-Trend.com schreef:

    great outfit! I love the black pieces :D

  7. Renée Sturme schreef:


    @the-itfeeling.nl: No, I live in West, those courtyards just all look the same ;)

  8. masha schreef:

    great look! and you wear your new shoes))
    I sand you an email… I will go to Amsterdam and I asked you some addresses…))

  9. tahlia schreef:

    what is the brand of the boots?? theyre hot :)

  10. knockoff schreef:

    the boots is cool

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