april 9, 2010 9


Sources: Refinery29, Alma H, Alex & Chloe, Atsuii, Bleach Black, Cats & Dogs, Childhood Flames, Dear Nike, Adeline Rapon, Fashion Flash.

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9 COMMENTS to “Inspiration”

  1. Anaïs schreef:

    I’m obsessed with anything space-inspired, I so want a table-cloth like that – or a t-shirt!

  2. Tiffani schreef:

    gahh i just want to shop for you. you have such a great style.

  3. modedamour schreef:

    prachtige fotos.

  4. Naïma schreef:

    wat een geweldige sieraden! zucht

  5. afterDRK schreef:

    Prachtige plaatjes zeg!

  6. Jenny Cindy schreef:

    I love all the jewellery! Beautiful.

  7. knockoff schreef:

    it’s so beautiful,it’s in artistic conception

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