april 6, 2010 8

Flying hair / Two seconds

Babak wanted to try out this new camera technique this afternoon, so asked me to sit down in our lighting bulb and do some headbanging or something similar. Of course it immediately reminded me of the Lily Donaldson video, though I didn’t know where this all was about until I saw our own result. It’s only two seconds, automatically stretched to half a minute.

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8 COMMENTS to “Flying hair / Two seconds”

  1. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Haha, ja, stiekem wist ik wel van die video via je blog, maar ik had geen idee wat we gingen doen of hadden gedaan voordat ik mezelf terug zag. Kreeg alleen instructies om met mijn haren te schudden.

  2. masha schreef:

    hihi I like this video. and it remind me the Lily Donaldson video. I like the camera technique. it’s great. but it will be more interesting more long and with music))

  3. Felicity schreef:


  4. Rienna schreef:

    If the camera zoomed in more and music was added, it could’ve been a shampoo commercial!

  5. Sanne schreef:


  6. japke schreef:

    geweldig zo au naturel!

  7. knockoff schreef:


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