maart 24, 2010 3

A day of chocolate pastries, vegetarian goods and guacamole

A delicious chocolate pastry and pie break during work, afterwards to de Bolhoed with Sanne and Faranak for a fantastic vegetarian dish, wine, guacamole and a lazy cat, ending with some storytelling by Mickey at Faranak’s, together with tea and rosewater nougat.

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3 COMMENTS to “A day of chocolate pastries, vegetarian goods and guacamole”

  1. Lindsay jean schreef:

    this is one of the best photo posts i’ve seen anywhere in awhile! the pictures are so warm, cozy and genuine. Love it!

  2. Patty schreef:

    This post makes me miss Amsterdam so so much, especially the sixth photo. I was there almost a year ago, and I’d love to go back.

  3. U-NI-TY Paris schreef:

    Nice pictures, that looks great and so much fun down there! =p

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