maart 19, 2010 20

Opening ILV Atelierboutique

Last night we celebrated the opening of the ILV Atelierboutique, and were so glad to have everything finished on time! The shots above might look a bit empty, but they’re mostly taken before and after. Thanks everyone for coming! It was nice to finally meet again, and meet some new people. I’m wearing my new Tinroof Vintage sheer ruffle dress, new Topshop heart tights, the usual Wedins boots and random silver rings.

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20 COMMENTS to “Opening ILV Atelierboutique”

  1. masha schreef:

    wow that’t great! congratulation! I’m so happy for you and for your shop! it must be great to have your own shop!!)

  2. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thanks, but it’s not my shop though!

  3. ♥Lola schreef:

    That looked like so much fun! Love the red bow shoes, I wonder where she bought them?

  4. sophiemei schreef:

    i love ILV clothese so lovely and romantic! look so fun in there and love ur tight!

  5. helen schreef:

    ooh wat een mooie panty’s!! waar heb je die vandaan??
    echt super mooi!
    xx helen

  6. Sabine schreef:

    Het ziet er echt super uit! Als ik een keer in amsterdam ben, kom ik zeker langs!

  7. masha schreef:

    ah it’s not your shop? I thought it yours and your friends place? no?)

  8. Renée Sturme schreef:

    @Lola: Don’t know!
    @Helen: Topshop, staat er onder ;)
    @Masha: No, it’s from Faranak (the Iranian girl in the long floral dress) and her brother Babak (last picture, in green).

  9. biotechnology schreef:

    Very energetic :D Lovely oxford shoes, I’m looking for one in excatly this color…

  10. Sophie schreef:

    Good luck with the shop! A colleague of mine went that night, I told her afterwards that one of the girls working for ILV has a blog so you now have a new fan :P Will try to stop by myself one day too!

  11. Mary schreef:

    Wow, I can hardly recognize your blog! I love the layout change and bigger pictures and great posts. Good job!

  12. Dandara schreef:

    so flowered, funny and beautiful! the pics are nice and you look gorgeous =)

  13. Kate schreef:

    Love your outfit here. Looks like you have fun!

  14. Annee schreef:

    Hi, I looove your blog, i’ve got a question, where are you studying and what, are you studying yeah? ;) If you can tell of course;)

  15. Renée Sturme schreef:


    I’m studying at the Rietveld (art academy in Amsterdam), currently the preperatory course.

  16. Kim schreef:

    Ik zag het op verschillende blogs ! Super mooi ziet het eruit ! Ik ga zeker een keertje kijken. En super mooi jurkje en tights !

  17. masha schreef:

    a ok))) sorry) and are you work there?

  18. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Yes, I do, for two years now.

  19. japke schreef:

    zo tof dat ilovevintage zo groot is geworden! en je outfit is echt perfect!