maart 10, 2010 18


I guess this outfit contains a tad bit too much glam. Or maybe it’s all the labels that scared me. Wish the heels were more comfortable! It’s a shame I don’t really wear them.
Moschino blazer / Love Label dress / Dolce & Gabbana shoes / random jewelry / Stella McCartney purse.

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18 COMMENTS to “Red”

  1. Katie schreef:

    Prachtig! Ik vind die blazer zo ontzettend mooi.

  2. curly. schreef:

    love the shoes <3

  3. loresfashion schreef:

    I love this outfit so much!
    It’s my birthday today!!
    check my site:
    The Birthday Girl

  4. Kathi schreef:

    just stumbled across your blog and love it so much! you have great taste!

  5. Sabine schreef:

    Super mooi! Het jasje is echt geweldig! <3

  6. Paulien schreef:

    Delicious heels! :-)

  7. Kate schreef:

    Gorgeous dress :)

  8. Angela schreef:

    holy crap! love those shoes!

  9. sophiemei schreef:

    i really love the D&G heels since when they come out!! and that’s perfect in red blazer also love it!!

  10. die lisa schreef:

    the blazer is..just adorable :)

  11. Danne schreef:

    Nylon cutie ;* Luv your LB pix sweety ~~ Danne ***

  12. love it so much! you have great taste!

  13. Koko schreef:

    wow, i love the red blazer!!!! perfect kombination!!!
    like your style and blog so much!!
    XXX Koko

  14. Renée Sturme schreef:

    thank you all!!

  15. serapart schreef:

    love your blazer, I have a similar also red one from the flea market,(slightly too oversized), that I´m looking forward to wear in spring/summer.
    too bad that your shoes are uncomfy, I have the problem with lots of my shoes ;) dunno how others can walk in some for hours haha

  16. WendyB schreef:

    Love the outfit…too bad about the shoes because they look great.

  17. Mari-Ann schreef:

    Great outfit!

  18. U-NI-TY Paris schreef:

    Perfect shoes!