maart 7, 2010 9


Fayette, Renske, Dylan. / Home, Trouw, Balie.

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9 COMMENTS to “Weekend”

  1. masha schreef:

    you’re very pretty on the picture in the bus)
    is it your dressing??)

  2. Renée Sturme schreef:

    thanks masha! (it’s in the trolley car by the way.)
    what do you mean by ‘dressing’?

  3. brit schreef:

    love your apartment!! so gorgeous. dig this blog.

  4. sophiemei schreef:

    ur weekend looks so fun, r u buy SR in h&m??

  5. Anna schreef:

    love those platforms, are they from Sonia Rykiel?

  6. Renée Sturme schreef:

    @brit: Thanks! It’s the room of my roommate though ;) But we have a similar style.
    @sophiemei: It was! No, I didn’t really like the collection..
    @Anna: Oui. They’re Fayette’s.

  7. love your apartment!! so gorgeous.

  8. sofia schreef:

    I really like the last picture!

  9. niamh schreef:

    I LOVELOVELOVE those black platform wedges… i am hunting for a pair of black wedges I can wear all year round for agess!

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