februari 27, 2010 5


A good breakfast, shopping at Hospital, looking for antiques at the Kloosterstraat, fries at Nr.1, a one-and-a-half hour massage at Flamant, a 30 cm Veggie Patty, and two hours of thinking back of our weekend in the train. A great day.



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5 COMMENTS to “Sunday”

  1. green apples schreef:

    Although I must say, i really enjoy your blog, but some constructive criticism for you: you update your blog wayy too often – quality is better than quantity. No offense:) Other than that I find you inspirational

  2. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thanks. I know… But it’s hard not to share pictures when you do feel like sharing them!

  3. sophiemei schreef:

    love ur leisure sunday time!! nice shoot!

  4. Patty schreef:

    Keep on posting, Renee! I always enjoy all your photos. :) I love all your street photos in this one.

  5. insanly workout schreef:

    cool post, I will be back!

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