september 22, 2008 9

Last week at work I planned a photoshoot, but the model was ill and couldn’t come anymore. So I had to model for once. The second time to be honest, but the first time was pretty much horrible, so I won’t count in that one, haha. Here are a few of my picks. Check the webshop for new vintage updates every day.

Pictures taken by Faranak @ ilovevintage.

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  1. marta schreef:

    great that it was you who replaced the other model! I like the third picture.

  2. Dana schreef:

    I love the checkered cardi!

  3. Amelia schreef:

    I really love the bottom two pictures. That last skirt is really cool.

  4. Imelda schreef:

    Ziet er goed uit!!

  5. sue schreef:

    ik had je al gezien op de site, goed gedaan!

  6. meghan schreef:

    that tan leather skirt is so adorable! good find!

  7. Fruchtzwerg schreef:

    Oh I love your last outfit, the leather skirt is divine!

  8. Lance schreef:

    firstly, wow you are really pretty. did not know that. second i love the hair accessory and gloves in the first pix. lastly you look adorable in the bottom left picture. the button up and the high waist i’d totally have to do double take if i saw you on the street.

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