september 18, 2008 3

The painting

This is my absolute favorite painting, my grandpa and grandma’s own, but there’s no way one of us can find a name of the artist on it. Perhaps anyone of you might possibly know? It does need restauration, I know.

Pictures are taken by me, at my grandma’s.

3 COMMENTS to “The painting”

  1. Liz schreef:

    wow thats beautiful! I’m not sure who the artist is though, perhaps you could take it to an art gallery and ask?

  2. sky schreef:

    I can see why it’s special and I have an old print from Japan that was given to my parents years ago as well. As long as restoration doesn’t ruin the beauty.

  3. apparel schreef:

    wow..i love that,so beautiful.hope you can find the artist name asap

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