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The perfect boots?

I just cannot seem to find the perfect black leather buckle chunky heel ankle boots, or when I do, they’re sold out. My grandma will sponsor me a low-heeled pair, so preferably even those (you know how grandma’s don’t want you to ruin your knees and feet with high heels). I found these great Vagabond-ones, but I believe they’re not available anymore.

So, I’m intensively looking for other ones, but can mostly only find ones with too high heels to be sponsored, haha. I somehow kinda love-hate the low-heel fringed BOSS-ones, but they’re also pretty expensive. The GUESS-ones (with a lower heel though) would be  perfect! Has anyone seen a pair that could be perfect?

Edit: These ones from DinSko - which I just found - are pretty much fullfilling my wishes. Do you think I could easily add studs? They’re a bit too simple in this way. Too bad they’re imitation leather though.

Edit #2: So now I found another pair, even more perfect, but they can’t be delivered before the 10th of November! OK, if it would be October, but it still takes a while before it’s November…

DaniBlack, $185 - Dingo, $97 – Marc by Marc Jacobs, $260

BOSS, $325 – Jessica Simpson, $139 -GUESS by Marciano, $180

Gabriella Rocha, $119 – Nine West, €118 – Steve Madden, $190

Topshop Unique, £105 – Topshop, £85 – Topshop, £80 (sold out)

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  1. Karolin zegt:

    This post make me want to go downtown buying new shoes. I prefer lower heels as well.The ones from Din sko was quite nice, even if the just last one season they might be affordable.

  2. rumi zegt:

    I love the second ones you edited in from Ellos! Now I’m wanting/needing those Jessica Simpsons, though I’m not sure how I feel about owning two pairs of shoes by her…

    Oh and I contemplated those Topshop Uniques for a few days but I decided they’re too expensive..still enjoy gazing at them though.

  3. Joni zegt:

    Ik vind die van daniblack en dinsko de mooiste.

    Sinds wanneer draag je lage hakken? ik dacht eerst dat je ofwel hoge of geen hakken wilde:)
    Zelf heb ik ook veel lage hakken, bij bepaalde outfits draag ik liever lage omdat ik het zelf anders wat teveel vind.

  4. Daniel zegt:

    wow, wow, all these swedish brands are making me go back to sweden again. I should’ve bought alllll these vagabond shoes (for men…) when I lived there!

    Here’s a link for all the guy-readers:

  5. Therri zegt:

    ooouh, I love this Nina West one or Gabriella rocha (better price for me)…but unfortunately I´m too tall for this high heels. :(…mum told me I would look like a monster..

  6. Japke zegt:

    Ik vind de Dink Sko schoenen het mooist! Die van Ellos zijn ook super, maar dat wachten is wel erg lang… Die van Topshop zijn ook erg mooi, maar die zijn jammer genoeg al uitverkocht… Deze van Mango zijn ook tof;jsessionid=346DA178755F1C5C36690EF74C725355.mangof6

  7. @Rumi: I fell in love with your Jessica Simpson shoes this week, and these are also nice. She does have some really cool designs from time to time, so I personally don’t think you should mind that.
    The Topshop ones are indeed really expensive…
    @Joni: Niet, haha. Klopt ;)
    @Therri: So how tall are you then?
    @Japke: Ah die van Mango zijn veel mooier dan dat ze er in ‘t magazine uitzagen. Ga misschien wel voor die!

  8. Therri zegt:

    I´m about 176 cm…I´m the tallest one in my class ( I don´t count boys)..but I feel weird when I look from sky high to the others. :)

  9. Therri zegt:

    and I forgot…everytime I see your picture I tall are you?

  10. Your tall indeed, but not too tall to not wear high heels I’d say. I’m 1.73, only 3 cm’s taller than you, but I can easily wear heels. Just try it sometime ;)

  11. Meghan zegt:

    I got the Jessica Simpson studded ones…HOT HOT HOT. I’ve never gotten sooooo many compliments on these boots in my life. Also, they are extremely comfortable…although I was sitting for the most part…but still. HOT

  12. tine zegt:

    I just got myself the ones from Dinsko without even realizing that they are. I got them in a German store called “Siemes Schuhcenter” which mostly sells really bad stuff, but these beauties too. They were even on discount !

  13. lusily zegt:

    so fashion boot,I love it so much.

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