augustus 1, 2008 0

Oops, I did it again

You know I was at the same time pleased (“Can buy beautiful things now!”) and unpleased (“Will spend even more money!”) about the fact Topshop now also accepts PayPal. Just like expected, I bought something. And not just a £10 top. No, I bought another pair of shoes. Yes, ANOTHER. Remember I posted about these two days ago?

Luckily I did expected the British Pound to be worth more, so the price in euro’s didn’t scare me off that much (€91 in total, which is still definitely A LOT to me). I just had to own these boots, as they are incredibly perfect. To me they look like those beautiful nostalgic white ice skates, only with a heel instead of a piece of metal underneath. The design’s just perfect. I’ve always hated white boots, as they usually look so slutty, but these just had to be white (OK, ivory to be more precise). And I’m not even a boots-type-of-girl, but these are quite sandal-ish, because of the peep-toe and the lace-up.

Topshop, £65 –, $28

Oh my oh my, what will my father say if he sees what I’ve spent again. I still had some money on my PayPal-account, but Topshop didn’t automatically take that, they directly took the money from my bank-account. Otherwise it would be only €40, instead of €91.

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