maart 17, 2008 16

My grandma’s old scarf

Today wasn’t that exiting at school, never is actually, but today was one of those days nothing happened at all. Oh, I so love the fact you can’t see my roots anymore. Yes, roots! Now I know. I’m wearing the scarf I found at my grandma’s last week. The belt’s patent blue by the way, in the picture it looks black.

Don’t you just love the colors of the scarf? At least I do. The pastel stripes, the birds, the contrasting black.

Cardigan: Second-hand
Dress, tights: H&M
Belt, scarf: Vintage
Flats: Bullboxer
Watch: Regal

16 COMMENTS to “My grandma’s old scarf”

  1. sheepy zegt:

    love the scarf!

  2. susie_bubble zegt:

    The scarf in the the last shot is beautifully depicted…

  3. punky zegt:

    so pretty, lucky girl

  4. Hailey zegt:

    it’s a beautiful scarf. today you are in flats? so rare for you and every day for me :-)
    Hey, have you seen ZwartBoek? I saw in theater last May and we just bought it – like best movie ever!

  5. Shen-Shen zegt:

    I’d thought you meant roots yesterday! But I think somehow my comment didn’t go through haha.

    In any case, your hair looks ADORABLE.. and so does your outfit! I have a thing for colored tights :]

  6. meli zegt:

    nice! reminds me of MC Escher. could be

  7. michelle zegt:

    you have GREAT hair!

  8. Stephanie zegt:

    Just came upon your blog and have to say that you have great style! I’ll definitely be checking back…

  9. Thank you all guys!

    @Hailey: Of course I’ve seen Zwartboek, it’s definitely the best Dutch movie ever ;) So, what about the language? Haha.

  10. Nadine zegt:

    You’re the queen of layering :).

  11. Imelda zegt:

    Leuke sjaal!
    Ik ga ook altijd bij mijn grootouders in de kast ‘winkelen’, daar vind je zoveel geweldige spullen en nog eens gratis ook ;)

  12. @Nadine: Thank you ;) But actually Susie is already called that, haha.
    @Imelda: Dankje! Ja, echt heerlijk he!

  13. Robin zegt:

    Ik vind de kleuren inderdaad heel mooi bij elkaar…En die sjaal is ook heel leuk!!!!!!

  14. Ik bedoelde de kleuren van het shawltje he ;) Dankje!

  15. Hailey zegt:

    I figured you would have, I love it so much!!!

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