februari 22, 2008 12

Contrasting colors

Hot pink and green, with gold accessories. I needed to do my exam presentation for a class of first year students today. Not everything went well, but hopefully good enough to get a 6.5, or maybe a 7. We had some options to choose from, like in front of your own class, or in a group of 4, but I chose for the first year students (about 12-13 years old), cause I’d be so nervous otherwise.

Hotpants, scarf, belt, watch: Vintage
Cardigan, shirt: H&M
Pumps: Vintage Sergio Rossi’s
Tights: Hema

12 COMMENTS to “Contrasting colors”

  1. Solveig zegt:

    You have such a great sense of style. I adore your blog! It’s amazing! You’ve inspired me to start my own.

    Thank you!


  2. Thank you so much! I will check out your’s immediately ;)

  3. marta zegt:

    Wow, another great look! I am getting inspired by your style.

  4. Hailey zegt:

    wow, hot pants to school? you look great and are wicked brave!

  5. Robin zegt:

    Dit vind ik een van je leukste outfits…heel leuk al die verschillende printjes door elkaar…en die riem lijkt op een riem wat ik ook heb alleen in geel heb ik hem(van kringloop)

  6. susie_bubble zegt:

    The accessorising of this outfit is spot on!

  7. Marte zegt:

    Nice outfit!:)

  8. glamourette zegt:

    Very beautiful !!

  9. Thank you all, you’re great!

    @Hailey: Yesyes :) All of my looks I wear to school, and all of the other students make fun of them, lol.

  10. Wally Schendel zegt:

    I think it is a BEAUTIFUL assemble for a Very Beautiful girl.
    I do like the contrasting colors and patterns.
    It brings out the beauty in the person and also makes for a very eye catching scenario.
    A real winner!!

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